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free real estate contracts for sale by owner fsbo sample formsFor sale by owner - fsbo -
FREE Real Estate Contracts
When you Purchase
"Selling Your Home Alone"

For sale by owner - fsbo - real estate contracts and forms are extremely important.

You can’t sell your home as a for sale by owner - fsbo - without them... and the contracts and forms from the stationary store don’t cut it!

free real estate contracts for sale by owner fsbo sample formsWhen you purchase the for sale by owner book, "Selling Your Home Alone", you also get access to our FREE Contracts and Sample Forms PAK. This password protected area has samples of the major forms you will need to get your home sold.

free real estate contracts for sale by owner fsbo sample formsOur For Sale By Owner Real Estate Contracts and Sample Forms PAK includes samples of:

  1. Contract of Purchase: The main document you use to lock down a buyer and get your home sold.

  2. Property Sale Contingency Addendum: This document is used when your buyer has to sell their house. It keeps your house from being "held hostage" by a buyer who can’t sell their house.

  3. General Addendum: This document helps to cover any points that are not addressed in the Contract, such as personal property included in the sales price, closing costs paid for the buyer by the seller, and other items. This forms keeps buyers and sellers on the same page and eliminates "confusion" that gets expensive at the closing table.

  4. Property Inspection Addendum: This document takes care of the buyer’s home inspection. It spells out the dates and conditions of the home inspection to cover you against a nervous or careless buyer.

  5. Bill of Sale for Personal Property: This document prevents any misunderstanding between buyer and seller over personal property that is and is not part of the contract. For example, you would use this form to sell the refrigerator to the buyer for $300 at closing.

  6. Walk Through Addendum: This document helps you against the buyer coming back after the closing saying something is wrong and they didn’t have a chance to inspect the property prior to closing. It also explains to the buyer that the purpose of the final walk through is to make sure that the house is in essentially the same condition it was in when they wrote the contract.

All of the for sale by owner - fsbo - real estate contracts  and sample forms are FREE on-line with your purchase the ultimate for sale by owner - fsbo - tool

"Selling Your Home Alone"

These sample forms can be used as-is (These forms were prepared with the help of an attorney, but we cannot guarantee them for any location in the U.S. and we are not offering or providing legal advice so don’t ask. disclaimer)

See our disclaimer, or you can have your attorney modify the sample forms for you, or you can use the sample forms to bounce against the forms the buyer shows up with when they make an offer.

When you purchase "Selling Your Home Alone", with your approved credit card order, we will e-mail you the passwords for the FREE Forms PAK, the 110 + page "Selling Your Home Alone" Book download site.

Are you SERIOUS about selling on your own... or are you just playing at it?

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